Funny phonetic phrases

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Funny phonetic phrases

This can be argued to be the only pattern found in most of the world's languages, and perhaps the primary pattern in all of them. Parallel Works has used Chinese a few times throughout the fic. The character's name is Gratuitous Finnish in itself, actually impossible by the grammatical rules of the language. And thanks to his canonical propensity to swearing in Czech, fanfic writers whose first language isn't Czech can also end up having him speak in ridiculously mixed-up levels of vulgarity, dropping a fortified equivalent to an F-bomb even David Nykl himself would probably never have used on the show, right next to something along the lines of "what a dolt". Crowd of midgets question picture of wildcat, then complain. NPB himself is revealed to be named Karhu, which is Finnish for "bear". Once the phonetic value of all letters is known, then it is rather easy to pronounce any word one sees or to spell any word one hears.

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