Arc definition math is fun

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Arc definition math is fun

Gero was the one who built Android 8. The second season, Railgun S, follows suit; adapting the manga's version of the Sister arc for the first 16 episodes, but then closes out with an anime-original arc surrounding the Febri character to which many agree to have been Railgun's weakest overall episodes and, as a result, has people considering Railgun S to have ended at episode This arc focused on a new captain for the third division as well as a power struggle plotline within a high-ranking noble family. The filler episodes do feature Yasako, the other main character, and her friends exploring the nature of illegals, however, which gives them a point. The Unova episodes saved most of their unrelated filler for after all the arcs were resolved , creating an "arc" of fillers. Eventually the Padding became so excessive that the fans actually started advocating for filler arcs, suggesting that instead of making entirely new material, Toei should just adapt the cover stories like what they did with the Straw Hat Separation Serial cover story after the Impel Down and Marineford arcs.

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Arc definition math is fun

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