Fast and furious fun facts

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Fast and furious fun facts

Indonesia Fun Fact 8. Miramax When discussing the production design for the film with Entertainment Weekly, Anderson explained how they had to build an foot oil derrick and fill it with fake oil. As a result of this belief, those in Indonesian culture tolerated and dealt with the consequences of the act with no ill will towards the doer of the act. I think you can probably imagine hearing some of the lines from that ending scene on the page but then, you know, the real deal is just a whole [other] level. Indonesia was a regional superpower before it was colonized by the Dutch. Vin Diesel blasts his muscle-guy car up to the back of the tankers, allowing Michelle Rodriguez one more chance to be killed off by climbing aboard and cutting each tanker loose as souped-up Chevys drive recklessly in reverse to attach themselves to each tanker -- a stunt that obviously required every element to be done for real. That said, the book is so long that it's only the first couple hundred pages that we ended up using, because there is a certain point where he strays really far from what the original story is.

Fast and furious fun facts

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The Fast & Furious

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