Barbra streisand fanny brice funny girl

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Barbra streisand fanny brice funny girl

She supports many humanitarian causes through the Streisand Foundation and has been a dedicated environmentalist for many years; she endowed a chair in environmental studies in and donated her acre estate to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. She accentuated her uniqueness by wearing odd outfits and by avoiding school activities. In the early s she began to grow closer to her mother and became friends with then-President Bill Clinton — and his wife Hillary —. She has achieved five No. Motion picture success Barbra's success continued throughout , as she continued to release albums and perform concerts. Her most recent Columbia Records album, Partners became her tenth No. She has given concerts to help benefit political candidates and charities that benefit social causes such as acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS; a disease that affects the body's immune system research.

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Funny Girl - Barbra Streisand

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Barbra streisand fanny brice funny girl

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