Fun facts about jose rizal

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Fun facts about jose rizal

It all started when a chief of police visited Rizal in his Berlin apartment and asked for his passport. Every Filipinos know him as the Philippine National Hero. In the evening of April 30 to the eve of May 1, thousands of devotees from several places in Metro Manila make annual trek on the foot to Antipolo. However, Jose Rizal had his way with women — it might be his humor, knowledge or the way he present himself. Back in Dapitan when he received three visitors in his house in Talisay, he offered the woman named Donya Manuela with Bagoong. In his letter to his best friend, he said that the dam was built by him and fourteen young boys his students 9. Will we ever know Rizal fully?

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Weird facts about Jose Rizal

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Fun facts about jose rizal

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