Joker mother period

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Joker mother period

With the assassins arriving in Gotham and already laying out the foundations for their traps for the Dark Knight, Joker proceeded to institute the next steps of his operations to throw Gotham into anarchy by targeting the forces of the GCPD. A rather unsubtle one to the Iranian government and the Ayatollah Khomeini specifically, who literally appoint a mass-murdering psychopath as their United Nations ambassador for the purpose of murdering the General Assembly. The first focused on Todd along with Arsenal and Starfire. But they're not the only Bat-villains that deserve the solo spotlight. R Narumi Sokichi accepts him as a full fledged detective by others along with the fact that he wears his heart on his sleeve and lets his emotions get in the way of making the cruel yet necessary decisions that real hard-boiled detectives, such as his mentor, would have little problem making. That, alongside the overall events of the "really bad day," caused the man, who renamed himself The Joker, to desire revenge against Batman. Oh, and Superman says his return will bring about the end of the world

Joker mother period

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