Ikea lamp commercial funny

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Ikea lamp commercial funny

Geico A spokesman for Geico announces that many people are switching their car insurance to Geico and suggests that it's something in the water. Did Miller's wife, a former model, approve of this? Sprite In a s Sprite commercial had monks singing a song that started like "Sprite, Sprite will lift you to a higher place, Sprite will help you find a new awarenes" and endedd with "If you think a soft drink can help you see the light, then it's time for you to get a life" I dont know the exact wording of the rest of the 'song' or how the rest of the commercial went. This design, created by Jamie McLellan and manufactured in New Zealand, features a bold cantilever profile inspired by sailboats. These lamps are available in pastel shades of almost every color of the rainbow.

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Funny Norwegian IKEA Commercial

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Ikea lamp commercial funny

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